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 ☑️ Understand the layers of Stress & Develop Stress Resilience

 ☑️ Learn how to overcome Stress, Anxiety and Trauma


 Are stress, anxiety and trauma

holding you back? 


Are they interfering with Work, Family, Interpersonal relationships, Quality of life, to a degree that it’s impacting on your mental well-being?

When we find ourselves caught up in the trauma/stress loop, we can end up feeling like nothing we try works, no matter how hard we try. And daily life can become overwhelming.

But it does not have to be this way. With years of experience and expertise in this field, we can help you break away from old patterns and find a new balance. Let us help you. 

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 Why us? 

With years of experience of working in mental health settings across the lifespan, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you.


“I came to see Laura during a difficult time in my life which, like so many people, was compounded by the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulties that brought. Laura was a true professional throughout and really helped me to navigate these challenging times. Laura has a great intuition on when to employ a specific treatment type or technique and I felt that she always managed to strike the right balance between structure and flexibility. Her personable, conversational and positive personality combined to create a safe and honest environment for highly effective therapy”


“Laura was my saving grace as I had just suffered a severe burnout because of work stress. It was one of the biggest challenges of my life. Under her expert guidance and personable attitude, I went from having severe symptoms to no symptoms, and quite frankly to a much happier, and balanced version of me. Laura’s approach felt structural as we addressed the deep roots of my burnout, namely previous trauma. I had done therapy on this trauma before but I felt like Laura went much deeper, and with better results”

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💡 Therapies

Make sense of what holds you back and learn new tools to get unstuck. We provide ACT, EMDR, CBT and IPT.

📈 Coaching

Bring your vision to the table and engage in a goal setting coaching programme using the ACT Matrix. 

⚖️ Well-being @Work

Find out about the combination of Programs that meets your needs and those of your team. 

🖥 Online Courses

Learn from the comfort of your home or office, find out about our online teaching modules and workbooks to enhance your learning (coming soon).