Winning at Work with ADHD

Learn new skills that give you the confidence to reach your full potential.

Starts in September (ONLINE)

Join our group to discover practical skills that tame the chaos of thoughts, master time management, ignite unwavering commitment to what truly matters whilst cultivating self-compassion!

Living with ADHD can feel challenging and exhausting, with its daily impact on work, relationships and self-esteem.

At work, you might be feeling like constantly trying to manage the emotional overwhelm, the forgetfulness and the exhaustion of monitoring yourself all the time, This can lead to overwhelm and burnout.

If you also feel like nothing you have tried has worked and this has impacted on your potential, it can really put a toll on your self-esteem.

People with ADHD commonly say a lack of guidance and support over time has impacted negatively on their ability to achieve their full potential.

But it does not have to be this way.

Join our group and learn how to Win the Day at work with ADHD.

You will develop skills to help you be more compassionate towards yourself, less overwhelmed by your train of thoughts, better at managing your time and more committed to do what is meaningful for you.

You can feel more confident and make your ADHD a strength, not an obstacle to your success.

Format of the Group

This group is designed to offer participants a variety of resources and tools in different formats, as we know that ADHD is not linear and different people might have different learning styles and benefit from different approaches.

For this reason you will get a blend of individual support, small group support, materials and resources to help you Win the Day.

6 Group sessions: 90 minutes each
Frequency: Weekly – Mondays 6-7.30pm
Participants: 6-8 (minimum of 3 people)
Start Date: September 2024


Your Winning at Work ADHD GROUP is priced at £480 (payable in full or in 4 monthly instalments o£ £120)

And includes:

👉 6 weekly 90-minute sessions.

👉 1 small group support where you can share strategies and tactics.

👉 Materials and resources that you can use during the work-day to gain more insight and practice your skills.


👉 1 individual screening session: aimed at discussing with you your unique challenges about how ADHD is affecting you, your expectations about the group and your future goals.

👉 1 individual follow-up session: where I help you to refine your strategies based on your experiences.

This psycho-education group is for you if you:

✔️ Have a diagnosis of ADHD.

✔️ Experience overwhelm and feel like your ADHD holds you back.

✔️ Want to make sense of your ADHD and learn new strategies to manage it.

✔️ Want to learn how to maximise your memory, inhibition and self-monitoring, emotional regulation, time keeping, planning and organisation.

✔️ Enjoy learning with and from others.

What this group is NOT:

✔️ This group is NOT a therapeutic group, and it is not intended to replace therapy.

(Unfortunately, due to the nature of the group and the format, it is not possible to provide the support that someone seeking therapy would require).

I hope to see you in the group!


Your Clinical Psychologist

If you have any questions about the group, please email me at:

Or if you would like to join, book a Discovery Call with me, using the button below. 

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