Online Support for Students at times of Covid-19









Adjusting to sudden changes

These are difficult times for everyone. Times of sudden change. Only on 5 January 2020 the WHO reported the existence of pneumonia of unknown cause in China. On 11 February the novel coronavirus disease was named Covid-19, and on 11 March the WHO called it a pandemic. The UK government started to produce ongoing guidelines as they were learning new information about Covid-19 from around the world. This meant sudden changes were to come for everyone, including all students in the UK.

“Some might experience feelings of overwhelm”

What this meant for students

On 20 March school closure was announced. All GCSE and A-level exams cancelled. Although school closure was somehow expected, exams cancellation and end of year for Y11 and Y13 came suddenly and unexpected to most.

When a sudden and dramatic life event occurs, it is normal for individuals to experience a range of strong mixed emotions. Both at the time the actual event and for some time afterwards. This is a normal reactions to change. Processing the loss of what it was and adjusting to the change.

It is therefore expected that students might experience strong emotions associated with school closure. These can include a sense of shock as well as confusion, anxiety, anger and sadness.

For some this can soon become overwhelming and might need specialist support. 



Please find below a range of helpful resources to help you and your friends cope with feelings and anxieties at this difficult times. Some are specific to Covid-19. Please come back to this page as I am going to post new resources every week.

1) Video about managing Fear and Anxiety about Covid-19

And while you are here… here is a helpful video about how to cope with the range of feelings that you might be experiencing in relation to Covid-19.