Workplace Wellbeing

Work-related stress and poor mental health in employees are on the increase – ‘every year, one in four people in the UK is affected by a mental health problem ‘ (Mental Health UK).

Businesses are now more aware of the importance to look after the mental well-being of their employees and are increasingly committed to providing them with the support they need. In turn, healthier and happier employees are more productive and dedicated.

how we help

I provide interventions at various levels, from preventative through to treatment. These can include consultations for Human Resources and Occupational Health, coaching, workshops, focused groups for leaders and employees, and Psychological Therapy.

I have a track record in improving the mental health and emotional well-being of those employees who may:

  • be at risk of developing a mental health problem which might affect their productivity and presence at work
  • be suffering from a mental health problem (including those who are on long-term sick leave and are working towards a phased return).


Please contact me to discuss your individual needs. Interventions can be provided both at our conveniently central London practice or on site at your workplace to maximise productivity. Direct contracts can be arranged with your organisation to enable employees to be seen promptly. 

Work Absence

I am passionate about supporting people who are on sick leave; whether this is caused by a physical illness, a mental health problem, a trauma or a combination of personal and work factors. Taking time off work is never easy and it is always a very emotional journey.

For many people, being on sick leave can feel like a transformational process as they connect with their values and with what really matters to them. This can result into making some adjustments to life or finding a new balance, both in privately and at work. Sometimes, this process can also lead to changing path in life.

Appropriately addressing the different challenges faced by those who are on sick leave is key.

Interventions are tailored on individual needs and can include a combination of:

  • Consultations
  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Workshops
  • Help around phased return
  • Referral to specialist advisory services
  • Liaison and referral to other health professionals

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Why us?

With many years of direct experience working both with Individuals  and with Families as a whole, we bring a holistic approach to working with employees. We look at employees in their entirety and understand the complex dynamics and pressures they might be under, not only at work but also in their private life. We have a deep insight into the many challenges that employees might be facing as fathers, mothers, partners or spouses. We understand the complexity of family dynamics and know very well how their psychological wellbeing as employees can impact on them privately, and viceversa. When helping employees, we help the person holistically, by equipping them with appropriate tools to navigate the storms they are facing.

We can do this because of our knowledge and years of experience with families.

Happier individuals make happier employees.


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